Tarzan's Treehouse

Tarzan's Treehouse

At Disneyland more than any other Disney park, space is at a premium. The park is landlocked on all sides and every little space has to be used to keep up with the increased attendance the Disneyland Resort has seen in the past few decades.

One of the side effects of this is reusing old attractions to feature new movies using the old infrastructure.

One of Disneyland's main examples of this is Tarzan's Treehouse. This turned the old Swiss Family Treehouse into the treehouse and base camp from the animated film Tarzan.

The Swiss Family Treehouse was added to Adventureland in 1962 and was based on the Disney film Swiss Family Robinson. The film was popular at the time, but its popularity did not have the staying power of the Disney animated classics. This made it an easy candidate for removal when the 1990s brought a series of new successful animated features begging for a park attraction.

Tarzan, which had a treehouse prominently featured in the film, was something that could be brought into the parks fast. The treehouse was not done with a large budget, no animatronics but several static figures and a few projections. It does feature a few great easter eggs hidden within. The base camp at the end features Mr's Potts as she appears in Tarzan as well as featuring Swissapolka, the theme of the original Swiss Family Treehouse.

If you are a fan of the movie this can be a fun diversion. It is almost never busy and is a well-done tribute to a great movie.