King Louie Disney Character Guide

King Louie within the past year used to be a very easy character to meet at Disney World. He had an organized meet and greet in Animal Kingdom across from Flights of Wonder with Baloo. But this meet and greet is no more and he has no permanent spot in any US Disney park.

But that does not mean he is gone from the parks.

If you want to meet him at Disneyland Resort then you probably are out of luck. Outside of an extremely rare chance of him showing up in Adventureland, you cannot meet him at this resort but can see him in the Mickey and the Magical Map show in Fantasyland.

At Animal Kingdom, he still occasionally will meet at the front of the park, although this is unannounced and rare

He also rarely appears at Epcot in random locations around the World Showcase. This is also uncommon and unannounced, but it is more common than his Animal Kingdom appearances and probably your best bet for finding him in the US Disney parks.