Epcot Rumors and Announcements

Disney made several massive announcements in regards to the future of Epcot yesterday, and we got two new pieces of concept art for projects in Future World. However, these pieces of concept art may have brought more questions than answers.

The first major announcement was a redesign of the entrance of the park. It appears they are going with a design similar to the early years of the park before the current Leave a Legacy entrance. These stones commonly called tombstones among many fans of the park feature the faces of guests that purchased a spot on them. The photos will be moved outside the park as part of the renovation.

It appears this new entrance will also become home to many of the Epcot topiaries, with topiaries featuring Winnie the Pooh, Sorcerer Mickey and more shown in the concept art. This garden is also surrounded by flags featuring the original logo of the park, possibly signifying it will make a return to wide usage in the park.

But the most exciting thing for longtime fans of the park is the fountain, which appears to be a return to the style of the original fountain that used to be at the base of Spaceship Earth.

But this concept art also featured something else not acknowledged publicly. Next to the Imagination Pavilion is a massive unknown new building. This is almost definitely not the Magic Eye Theater as some have suggested as it's in the wrong location and much too big. This means something is being added in this area between Future World and World Showcase.

So what could this be? The two main theories I have are either some type of permanent festival building to replace Wonders of Life or that it could be a relocated It's a Small World. There have been rumors for years that Small World could be moved to Epcot, and it does fit with the theme of World Showcase, but this is still a longshot. But, given the size of the building, it is definitely possible.

Epcot Changes Announced Play Pavilion New Entrance

The other major announcement was for the all-new Play Pavilion. This will replace the former Wonders of Life Pavilion which has been closed for over a decade. It will feature Disney characters in some kind of interactive city playground. It is likely this will also include a relocated Epcot Character Spot, as the current location, along with Club Cool have been replaced by a forest in this new concept art.

So what do you think of the new entrance? Is Small World coming to Epcot? Will you miss drinking the Beverly at Club Cool? Tell us in the comments.