Frontierland Shooting Exposition Disneyland

Frontierland Shooting Exposition

Disneyland features many different kinds of attractions. When the park opened all rides required an individual ticket. Today only one is left that you pay for.

The Frontierland Shooting Exposition has been open for almost the entire history of the park and is one of the oldest attractions in Frontierland. It has been refurbed since then but the basic premise of shooting at a western themed set is still the same.

It costs $1 to play this game which gets you "bullets" in your gun.

It is by no means a must do but can definitely be fun for repeat visits or if you are really a fan of old westerns.

A little secret, often in the morning all of the guns have been preloaded by cast members to make sure they work, meaning you can play the game for free. Cast members load it with a token then fire one shot to make sure it works. The rest are often left for any lucky guest who finds them. If you find yourself with nothing to do in the morning then go check it out.