Sailing Ship Columbia

Sailing Ship Columbia

Disneyland's Rivers of America features one thing that no other version of the area around the world has.

The Sailing Ship Columbia.

This was built as a second large boat to travel around the river, providing some relief to the Mark Twain. It allowed more people to be on the river at a given time and provides great kinetic movement to the area.

The boat is a recreation of the first American ship to travel around the world and features exhibits you can explore on its lower deck.

The ride is not open all the time, operating seasonally to provide an extra attraction during busy times of the year.

It also serves as a pirate ship during Fantasmic, where you can watch Captain Jack Sparrow climbing the masts during the Pirates of the Caribbean segment.

This is definitely an exclusively Disneyland experience that if it is open is a great way to experience the Rivers of America.