Waitress Standing Room

Waitress Broadway Theater Musical

This musical has closed. This article remains as a record.

The information in this article refers to the original production of Waitress, not the 2021 revival.

Waitress is a musical based on the film of the same name with music by pop star Sara Bareilles. 

It has had numerous stars step into roles in the show, everyone from the composer Sara Bareilles to Al Rocker. When these big names are in the show tickets can become difficult to get.

If the show ever sells out, but you need to see the star in it, try standing room tickets.

When on sale these tickets are sold in person at the box office for $32 each, which is the cheapest possible way to see the show.

Waitress Stage Door Broadway

These tickets are only sold if the show completely sells out and the box office is pretty strict about this rule. They will tell you how many tickets are left so you can try and gauge the likelihood of the show selling out.

The standing room locations are at the back of the orchestra. There is no vertical part of the set so you do not have to worry about missing things like from Phantom of the Opera's Standing Room. You are center and can see everything.

If you know the show is likely to be sold out this can be a good way to see it last minute at times it's hard to get tickets.