Future World: Epcot Guide

Figment Topiary Flower and Garden Festival

Epcot is inspired by the World's Fairs of the 20th century, and Future World is the section showcasing future technology.


Monorail Yellow above Epcot

This is a ride featuring the characters from Finding Nemo. The highlight of this ride is that it ends in an actual aquarium that features real sea life alongside the Pixar characters.

This is the latest update of the popular Disney ride, replacing the original California film. It features a trip to six of the seven continents and many of the countries you can visit in the World Showcase pavilions.

Living With the Land

This is a tour through a state of the art greenhouse where all of the food for the land pavilion is grown. It features a look at the history and future of farming. There is also a backstage tour of this ride, Behind the Seeds that allows you to get a closer look at this greenhouse.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Epcot since shortly after its opening has had an unofficial mascot. He has gone through some changes over the years but remains as popular as ever in his newest ride.

Test Track

Test Track 2 Epcot Disney World

This is a ride that shows you how a car is made and lets you test ride a car and see how it performs against a car you design.

Mission Space

Mission Space Epcot night facade

This ride has two different versions. Both are claustrophobic but otherwise could not be more different.

Mission Orange

This is the original version of the ride. Be warned this ride is so intense that it forced Disney to create a less intense version just so people would ride this. It features a simulated trip to Mars where you have to press buttons to be sure you have a safe trip.

Mission Green

This used to be a toned down version of the Mars mission but that is no more. Now, this is a trip around the Earth that is so calm its boring.


Muppet Mobile Labs

This is a short show featuring Beaker and Dr. Honeydew testing out their new inventions.

Turtle Talk With Crush

This allows the kids in the audience to have a conversation with Crush the turtle from the Finding Nemo series. Other characters from the series like Dory also make appearances on occasion.

Pixar Short Film Festival

This is a collection of three Pixar short films shown together in a large theater. They do not change that often.


Electric Umbrella

This is the comfort food location of Future World. Go here if you want burgers or chicken. However, be sure to check out the last talking trash can in Disney World.

Fountain View

This is a Starbucks. It serves Starbucks. You can get an Epcot Starbucks mug here.

Coral Reef

This is the luxury restaurant in Future World. It serves high-quality seafood surrounded by an aquarium.

The Garden Grill

This is a table service restaurant that serves fresh food, some of it grown in the Land pavilion. It also sometimes will offer a character meal with some of the Fab 5.