What Is Replacing Tarzan's Treehouse in Disneyland?

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As Tarzan's Treehouse is not coming back. When this classic Disneyland attraction reopens it is going to have a new theme, making it the third theme this attraction will have in its history, following the original Swiss Family Robinson theme and the more recent Tarzan theme.

Now let's look forward to the future, at what film could likely be replacing the Tarzan theme on this walk through attraction in Adventureland in Disneyland.

The most obvious choice for this retheme's basis would really be Encanto. Most of Disney's popular adventure films are already represented in the Disneyland Resort, even within Adventureland. The Disneyland Resort already has Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise already has a ride, and the movie version wasn't successful enough to warrant a second attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean already has a ride right next door.

View From the Top of Tarzan's Treehouse Disneyland

That basically leaves in Encanto because nothing else is really popular enough to warrant a ride at this point. That does not mean there are not other films that could work thematically, Lilo and Stitch would make a good option, as would Emperor's New Groove, but neither of those movies are popular enough right now to support a Disney attraction, at least not with the current leadership of Disney.

The treehouse already looks largely similar to Antonio's room from Encanto. This was a popular fan theory already. 

The one main drawback to this attraction is that Encanto is an extremely popular film, and a walk-through attraction almost seems like they're under-utilizing it.

Mirabel Singing Family Madrigal Encanto Disney Film
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This is all still rumors at this point, and anything can change until the attraction is actually announced and opens at Disneyland.

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