5 Facts About Into The Woods The Broadway Musical


Into The Woods Broadway 2022 Revival Marquee at Night

Into The Woods is one of Stephen Sondheim's most famous musicals, and tells a nontraditional fairytale story intertwining many classic tales, set to go to Broadway once more this summer.

Here are five facts about this iconic classic musical.

1. Book Inspiration

This classic Stephen Sondheim musical has its inspiration in the book The Uses of Enchantment for its untraditional approach to fairytales.

2. Boot

Into The Woods at the St James Theatre Broadway

Both the original production and the first Broadway revival of Into The Woods featured a giant boot placed over the roof of the theatre.

3. Tony Awards

The original production of Into The Woods won three Tony Awards including Best Score and Book, but lost Best Musical to Phantom of the Opera.

4. Proshot

The original Broadway production of Into The Woods filmed a proshot of most of the original Broadway cast, who would reunite for a few performances specifically to film the proshot.

5. Disney Film

Into The Woods 2022 Broadway Revival Marquee

This musical was adapted into a Disney live action film, with significant edits to the storyline.

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