5 Facts About Hangmen on Broadway


Hangmen Broadway 2022 Production Playbill in Front of The Stage

Hangmen is a new play currently running on Broadway, having transferred from the West End, and finally opening following a two-year delay.

Here are 5 facts about this Tony Award-nominated new play.

1. Canceled Run

Hangmen Broadway Marquee 2022 at the Golden Theatre

This show was set to run on Broadway originally in the spring of 2020, but the run was cut short before opening night.

2. Cast

Broadway Set of Hangmen Bar at Intermission

The 2022 Broadway cast features returning cast members from the shuttered 2020 run of the show, as well as the West End run of the show, in addition to new cast members.

3. Nominations

Hangmen Broadway Prison Cell Set

This show was nominated for 5 Tony Awards, including Best Play.

4. Extra Character

The Broadway production of Hangmen featured an extra guard character compared to other versions of the show.

5. Olivier Award

Hangmen Broadway Playbill Pic In Front of Bar Set

When this play was on the West End, it won the Best New Play Award.

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