Ant Man Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Ant Man Character In Disney California Adventure Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus has become the home to the dozens, if not hundreds, of characters that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with many of the characters from the different films in the series appearing in various locations throughout the land.

One of the new characters who made his debut in Avengers Campus (within the US at least) is Ant-Man.

Ant Man Signing Autographs in Disney California Adventure Avengers Campus

Ant-Man has been one of the most popular of the second generation of Marvel superheroes and he has been a regular part of Avengers Campus.

Loki and Ant Man Character Meet and Greet Avengers Campus Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Like many of the characters of Avengers Campus, he appears often alongside other Marvel characters, both from his films like Wasp, as well as other characters as part of the constant interaction between different character sets in the land.

Ant Man and Loki Characters in Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure

Ant Man's outfit in the parks recreats his suit from the film series, however he only appears in his normal size, not smaller or bigger.

Ant Man is a popular superhero that is going to be an ongoing regular character in Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure for years to come, bringing his humor and unique style to the Disney Parks.

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