Mickey's Fun Wheel Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure

Since it first opened, the giant Feris Wheel located in the back corner of Disney California Adventure has been one of the most striking features in the skyline of the park. However, during the park's relatively short lifespan, this one attraction has been known by several different names.

One of its most prominent names over the years, was Mickey's Fun Wheel.

Mickey's Fun Wheel and California Screamin During World of Color Disney California Adventure

After removing the sun that was on this attraction during its early years when it was known as the Sun Wheel, this ride was rethemed based on Disney's single most iconic character.

Mickey's Fun Wheel Ride Disney California Adventure

This change was done as a part of a redesign of the entirity of Disney California Adventure, largely focused on adding more characters to the park. This then made the icon of the park connected to one of Disney's most famous characters.

California Screamin From Mickey's Fun Wheel Disney California Adventure

At about the same time this was added another Mickey in Paradise Pier was removed, the Mickey Mouse loop on California Screamin.

But this name for the attraction was not to be long lived, as it was announced this ride was going to be rethemed alongside the majority of Paradise Pier becoming Pixar Pier. But despite the name of the attraction changing to the Pixar Pal Around from the Mickey Fun Wheel, the Mickey Mouse on the front side of the attraction would remain.

Pixar Pal Around from Pacific Wharf Disney California Adventure

The main changes to the attraction would be repainting the actual wheel, and adding a variety of Pixar characters to the gondolas.

Today the Mickey remains on the attraction, and many still call this ride by its former name, despite the fact that officially this version of the ride is no more.

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