Sersi From The Eternals Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Sersi Character in Avengers Campus Marvel The Ethernals Disney California Adventure

Since it first opened at Disney California Adventure, Avengers Campus has been home to dozens of superhero characters who wander the land, and appear in various meet and greet experiences or even in a few different shows.

Some characters have even made appearances on a temporary basis to promote new films, allowing for an ever-changing roster of characters to visit with guests on Avengers Campus.

Alongside the release of the film, some characters from Eternals began to appear in Avengers Campus in their superhero outfits.

Glass Doctor Strange Area Figure in Avengers Campus Disney California Adventure

As one of three characters that appeared as a meetable character, Sersi represented her film in appearances near the Doctor Strange-themed area of Avengers Campus, usually appearing alongside the other two Eternals characters who joined Disney California Adventure's character roster at the same time, Kingo and Phastos.

Sersi was the main character from the first Eternals film, and a natural addition to Avengers Campus as one of the leaders of The Eternals.

She helped bring a new team of Marvel superheroes into the Disney Parks for the first time, and will probably be a character in the Disney Parks on some level for years to come as Eternals become a more prominent part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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