What Does Broadway Stage Door Look Like in 2022


Hugh Jackman at the Music Man Broadway Stage Door

Broadway has been reopened for over half a year, but not everything is as it was before all shows closed in March of 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic. One of the most significant changes to the theatergoing experience is the lack of a traditional stage door experience.

Prior to the pandemic, it was typical for diehard theater fans to wait outside the stage door after a show for actors to come out and sign Playbills, and even take a photo or two. This has gradually increased in popularity over the years, especially among younger audience members, and with the rise of social media.

However, this was deemed unsafe to resume amid the still ongoing pandemic and the traditional stage door experience was also banned for the safety of performers and audience members alike.

But as time continues, some shows are offering something of a stage door experience.

Here is a rundown of what some shows have been doing on Broadway in the last few months, although do know that these practices can change at any moment, and to follow whatever rules are in place at your performance. Also, even in completely normal times, actors are not required to come out at the stage door, so respect any actor's decisions regardless of the reason.

The Music Man has barriers set up at the stage door to allow actors a chance to greet fans while keeping their distance from them. No autographs or individual photos are allowed, however, Hugh Jackman and some other stars typically stop to greet fans and allow them to get photos of them.

Some actors have also been willing to meet fans outside a theater individually in a less organized way, although this should not be assumed. Do not push to see an actor, and accept whatever their boundaries are. Many more are unwilling at the moment than are willing to meet fans.

It should also be noted that while stage door is still officially banned at all Broadway theatres, some shows have already brought back the full stage door experience.

Paradise Square Playbill In Front Of The Stage Broadway Musical

It remains unclear what the end result of this will be. The traditional stage door experience has still not been officially returned, but an altered experience may become a reality, at least for some shows.

If this does happen at your show, listen to whatever the rules are. Shows do not need to offer any stage door style experience at the moment, so whatever they do have is a privilege. Keep your distance, wear a mask, and do whatever else they ask so that whatever limited-stage door experience currently exists stays as much as possible.

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