Wild Eagle Roller Coaster Dollywood Guide


Wild Eagle Roller Coaster Entrance Sign Dollywood Amusement Park

Opening Date: March 24th, 2012

Wild Eagle is a popular roller coaster currently operating at Dollywood theme park. This wing coaster features seats on either side of the track, allowing you to hang free as you go through all the elements.

This ride is an intense experience that is perfect for thrill-seekers to enjoy on a visit to Dollywood.


Designer/Manufacturer: B&M

Ride Type: Wing Coaster

Inversions: 4

Thrill Rating 6/10

This ride features multiple inversions and a ride vehicle that may be intimidating to some riders, however, it is incredibly smooth.


Soar on the Wings Like Eagles Sign Dollywood Decoration

Wild Eagle Roller Coaster Lift Hill at Dollywood Amusement Park