5 Facts About Matilda The Musical on Broadway


Matilda The Musical Marquee at the Shubert Theatre Broadway

Matilda The Musical was a hit children's musical that had a successful and critically acclaimed run on Broadway at the Shubert Theatre.

Here are five facts about this hit musical based on the classic Roald Dahl.

1. West End

This was a transfer of the same musical from the West End, with the Broadway cast initially including two transferring cast members, Bertie Carvel and Lauren Ward as Miss Trunchable and Miss Honey respectively.

2. Tony Awards

The Broadway production of Matilda won four competitive Tony Awards.

3. Special Award

A special Tony Award was given to the four child actresses that played the title role in the original cast of Matilda The Musical.

4. Movie Adaptation

A movie adaptation of this musical is currently in the works and will be released on Netflix this holiday season.

5. Run

The Broadway production of Matilda The Musical ran for just under 4 years, from March 2013 to January of 2017.

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