5 Facts About Cats The Broadway Musical


Cats Broadway Musical Revival Theatre Marquee

Cats is one of the most famous musicals of all time, having had long and successful runs all around the world including on Broadway and in the West End. With a famous score by Andrew Llyod Webber 

Here are five facts about this classic piece of musical theatre.

1. Nap

Each different version of the set of Cats around the world in an official professional production is labeled with Nap and a number, in tribute to both the original set designer John Napier and the number version of the set it is. This is also hidden somewhere on the set.

2. Tony Awards

The original Broadway production of Cats the musical was nominated for 11 Tony Awards, winning 7 of them.

3. Longest Running

This show was the longest running musical on both Broadway and the West End at one time, although it no longer holds either of those titles.

4. Memory

Cats Musical Stage Door Broadway Revival

While the majority of the songs and plot of the show are direct interpretations of T S Elliot poems, the song Memory is an original concept.

5. Immersion

In addition to the set, various productions of Cats take efforts to incorperate the entire theatre with the theme of the show, including placing props around the theatre as well as alterations to the buildings themselves.

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