Lights Motors Action at Disney's Hollywood Studios Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Lights Motors Action Ballet Chase Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Disney's Hollywood Studios, or Disney MGM Studios as it was known before hand featured many attractions and shows over the years that showcased various aspects of the film making process, including special effects.

For many years the park had a special and incredibly elaborate show on the practical effects utilized with cars in movies known as Lights Motors Action.

Lights Motors Action Stunt Show Set Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Lights Motors Action was an attraction cloned from Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris, making it one of few rides to be brought to Walt Disney World from the France resort.

This was one of the longest shows in the Disney Parks, running around 40 minutes and showcasing a good, hero car, being pursued by various other vehicles, all being showcased in a variety of stunts done throughout an incredibly complicated set.

Herbie Lights Motors Action Stunt Show Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Within this show, Disney would feature some of their car themed franchises within the show, with specific segments dedicated to different films Disney owns that feature car characters.

Herbie Car Cut in Half Lights Motors Action Walt Disney World

When it first opened this meant that the show had a Herbie The Love Bug segment featuring the titular character in a special scene in the show. Later this scene would be replaced with a Lightning McQueen scene in 2011 that would last until the attraction closed.

This show would close as a part of the larger closing of Streets of America to make room for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, although the Disneyland Paris original version would last until the closure of all Disney Parks worldwide in 2020.

This show was beloved by a generation of Disney guests, and it remains a significant part of Disney history.

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