Moon Knight Disney Parks Character Tribute

Moon Knight Character Avengers Campus Disneyland Disney California Adventure

Moon Knight is one of the newest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and alongside the release of his hit Disney Plus original series, he began to make appearances in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure.

This superhero mainly appeared at night, a fitting move for his character, featuring an all-white costume with glowing white eyes.

Moon Knight Character Meet and Greet Avengers Campus Disney California Adventure

There were different variations in the costume for this character, fitting the character himself, who, without spoilers, presents himself in a variety of different ways throughout the course of the TV series this appearance was set to promote.

Moon Knight Character in Avengers Campus Disney California Adventure

Moon Knight in his various forms could be seen throughout Avengers Campus, either in a more traditional meet and greet, or along the upper levels of the land looking down on guests. He usually appeared alone unlike many other characters in the land.

Moon Knight Character Suit Costume Disney California Adventure Avengers Campus

One of the great things about Avengers Campus is its ability to constantly bring characters in and out of the land as new films and TV series premiere over the years. Moon Knight will almost certainly return to Disney California Adventure in the future, just as he will return in future Marvel film entries.

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