Pinocchio Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Pinocchio Disney Character Wandering Disneyland

Being the main character from the second-ever full-length animated Disney film, Pinocchio has been a regular feature of the Disney Parks ever since they existed. At every stage of the existence of the Disney Parks, from the earliest days of Disneyland to the present day, the lovable puppet turned real boy has been a part of the action.

Throughout most of the history of the Disney Parks, Pinocchio has been a very prominent character in the Disney Parks. He has been a regular meetable character in nearly every Disney Resort around the world at some point and even has his own rides in several parks.

On top of this, he was a regular part of many different parades and shows over the years. Whenever there was a Walt Disney World or Disneyland parade, he was usually there.

Pinocchio on a Parade float Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

In recent years, however, Pinocchio has started to become a more rare character, making more infrequent appearances at both Disneyland and Disney World, and being replaced by more recent Disney characters. He is still by far the most common Pinocchio character to be found in the Disney Parks and is much more prominent in Disneyland than he is in Walt Disney World.

Pinocchio is still a beloved Disney character that is always great to find in the Disney Parks in any capacity.

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