5 Facts About Hamilton on Broadway


Richard Rogers Theatre Broadway Marquee Hamilton at Night

Hamilton on Broadway is one of the biggest hit musicals of this generation, telling the story of the first Treasury Secretary of the US Alexander Hamilton, and changing what a musical on Broadway could be and how it could be told.

Here are five fun facts about the Broadway production of this modern musical.

1. Turntable

The outer ring of the turntable in Hamilton The Musical turns counterclockwise whenever Hamilton makes a decision.

2. Cut Songs

There are remnants of several cut songs within Hamilton The Musical. Some parts of the cut songs Congratulations and John Adams remain as a part of the final version of the show.

3. Proshot

Hamilton Broadway Musical Richard Rogers Theatre Marquee

There is a pro-shot of this musical filmed with the majority of the original Broadway cast of the show (minus two ensemble members) that was recorded over the course of three live performances of the show.

4. Book

Hamilton is actually based on a single biography of Alexander Hamilton written by Ron Chernow.

5. Ham4Ham

Hamilton on Broadway Marquee at Night

In the early days of Hamilton, the cast or special guests would give performances outside the theatre before the daily $10 ticket lottery, which was originally held in person. Eventually, this was shut down as it was so popular it was stopping traffic.

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