5 Facts About Once The Broadway Musical


Once Broadway Musical Stage Door

Once on Broadway was a hit production based on the movie of the same name, following two struggling musicians known only as Guy and Girl in a bar in Ireland.

Here are five facts about this modern classic musical.

1. Onstage Bar

The set for the show was a bar, which actually functioned as the bar for the theatre both before the show and during intermission, and you could go up on stage to get a drink.

2. Preshow

In addition to getting a drink onstage before the show, you could also enjoy a preshow of classic songs performed by the show's cast.

3. Tours

This musical had three different tours throughout the US over the years during and following its Broadway run.

4. Tony Awards

This show won 8 Tony Awards out of the 11 it was nominated for.

5. Title Song

The title song which was featured in the film, is not utilized in the stage version of the show.

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