Upcoming Musical Theatre Proshots: June 2022 Update


Waitress on Broadway 2021 Remount Broadway Curtain

Since the release of the professional recording, or proshot of Hamilton on Disney Plus, an increasing number of musicals on Broadway, the West End, and beyond have been recording productions to be released on streaming services. From Anything Goes on the West End, to Diana The Musical and Come From Away on Broadway, more shows are being recorded for release than ever before.

So what proshots are currently set to be released or are credibly rumored to have been filmed for future release? Here is a list of many of the proshots that have been filmed and are going to be released in the future based on official information.

Six The Musical

Six The Musical has announced that it will be filming a proshot featuring the original West End cast of the hit musical. This show will be filmed without an audience at the end of June with one performance in front of an audience on July 1st. There is no official information on where this musical will be released, or any timeframe for release following the filming.


Heathers on the West End recently filmed a proshot of their version of the show, filming several live performances as well as a few without an audience. It is unknown where or when this recording will be released in the future.


Emojiland, the off Broadway musical was set to go on a national tour throughout summer 2022 although it was canceled less than a week before it was set to start. In its place, Emojiland held one public performance in order to film a proshot with the cast they had hired for the tour. No release information or timeframe is known for this recording.

Jersey Boys Starring Nick Jonas

A Jersey Boys proshot was filmed in Cleavland during the closure of theaters nationwide due to the COVID19 pandemic, featuring Nick Jonas playing lead character Frankie Valli. Other significant theater actors were also involved in this production, including Andy Karl, CJ Pawlikowski, and Matt Bogart. There is no known release date or method announced for this proshot.

Disney's Aladdin (West End)

A proshot was filmed of Disney's stage adaptation of Aladdin during its run in the West End. While no release date or method has been announced, it is rumored that when this is released it will be a Disney Plus exclusive, like Hamilton.

Prince of Egypt

A stage adaptation of Prince of Egypt, the Dreamworks animated film, ran on the West End from 2020 to 2022, and during that time the production was filmed. The proshot was made by Universal, although it has not been revealed how or when this will be released.


Waitress Return Broadway Engagement Marquee

While it has not been officially announced, a proshot was filmed of the musical Waitress during its return engagement to Broadway in 2021. Rumors state a proshot was set to be filmed during the West End run of the musical, which ended up being cut short by COVID19 before it was filmed, necessitating the limited engagement Broadway run to film one. It is known from audience member reports that several performances were filmed, as well as images of cameras for close-ups leaking online. Assuming this information is true the cast would include Sara Bareilles as Jenna, joined by several returning and original cast members such as Drew Gehling as Dr Promatter.

Bonnie and Clyde

The London concert production of the musical Bonnie and Clyde was filmed to be released at an unknown future date. This production significantly featured original Broadway cast member Jeremy Jordan in one of the title roles.

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