Frozen II Chalk Art at Epcot Festival of the Arts Walt Disney World


During the Epcot Festival of the Arts, a variety of chalk art is created and put on display throughout the park based on various Disney characters with some connection to Epcot or Walt Disney World, created by different Disney artists.

Each year this involves the creation of a variety of temporary artwork that is created on the pathways of Epcot and eventually removed, never to be seen again.

This is a look back at one of the most recent year's chalk artwork displays that could be seen throughout the event at Epcot.

In this chalk art, three different Disney characters can be seen appearing alongside an autumn stream from Frozen II.

Olaf appears skating on the frozen stream between two small waterfalls with water still flowing beneath him.

Elsa appears freezing the stream with her ice powers going up the waterfall, creating the ice skating area for Olaf.

Meanwhile, Anna appears in a warmer outfit than her typical clothing watching all of this happen, kneeling on the side of the stream.

The entire scene is littered with bright red and orange autumn leaves as seen throughout the forests of Northuldra from the second Frozen film. It is beautifully created in a portrait that looks as if it could have been taken out of the film it was based on.

This is a beautiful showcase of one of Disney's newest films, and it is fitting to be found in Epcot, the park that holds Frozen Ever After in the Norway Pavilion, the first Disney attraction themed based on Frozen in the world.

Frozen has been a part of Epcot for years, and this is a wonderful way to incorporate the film into a temporary celebration at the theme park.

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