Where is Buzzy Now? Disney's Stolen Animatronic

Buzzy was a character from Disney's Cranium Command attraction in Epcot's Wonders of Life Pavilion. He was depicted in the attraction in both animated and audio-animatronic form in the attraction as a member of the Cranium Command, a group that controls the minds of humans. He is given the special task of controlling a kid.

The attraction closed in 2007 with the rest of Wonders of Life but was left almost entirely intact for over a decade after the attraction's closure.

Then in 2018 the animatronic reportedly went missing. For more on the early parts of the investigation of Buzzy be sure to check out part 1 of this story here.

In this second part, we discuss the plea deal of someone charged in a related case to this theft, as well as any future leads that could solve the case.

It remains unknown where Buzzy is or if he will ever be solved, but let's hope he eventually makes his way to the Disney Archives where he belongs.

Where do you think Buzzy is? Do you hope Disney ends up finding him soon? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!