Soarin Around the World California Adventure

Soarin Grizzly Peak California Adventure

Since Disney California Adventure opened the park has gone through a massive transformation and almost nothing remains from the original park. Even rides considered popular when the park opened have not survived the massive renovations. That has also been true with Soarin.

The ride opened as Soarin Over California in the land Condor Flats themed as an airfield where you would go on a tour of the state of California from above. The ride was so popular it was copied to Disney World in Epcot.

Yet it is no longer here today.

The ride in its original form never made sense in Future World at Epcot so when it was added to Shanghai Disneyland a new version was created.

Now from Grizzly Peak Airfield (a now rethemed Condor Flats), you can travel the world. This solved the problem that the original always ended at Christmas but removed one of the last California centric rides at Disney California Adventure.

The new version works great in all other locations, but doesn't fit in this park as well as the original had.

That's without even getting into the problems with the new film. It overused CGI (The entire Taj Mahal scene is CGI). And somehow they managed to make the Eiffel Tower crooked unless you are sitting dead center. The film had the right idea but messed up on the details.


Disneyland Preshow

Thrill Rating 4/10

The simulator is of very low intensity but if you have a fear of heights this might not be the ride for you.

Special Information

This version features an exclusive scene that flys over Disneyland, the park next door.

Originally Published: 2/12/19

Last Updated: 4/14/20