Disneynature Bears: Disney Plus Watch or Skip

Disneynature Bears Disney Plus Logo

Today to celebrate Earth Day we are taking a look at one of Disney's documentaries from their Disneynature series that you might want to check out on Disney Plus to celebrate the holiday.

This documentary follows a family of Grizzly Bears in the forests of Alaska as they struggle with the elements.

Children will surely fall in love with the two cubs Amber and Scout as they learn how to survive. There are many cute moments that will keep small children engaged and rooting for these bears, and times when they make mistakes and have to be corrected by their mother Sky.

This documentary manages to properly straddle the line between a narrative story and informative documentary well. You will learn a great deal about the wildlife of Alaska but also be told a compelling story about a single family of bears surviving in the middle of it.

The film is also visually stunning, giving numerous panoramic views of the Alaskan wilderness, and up-close look at numerous types of artic wildlife from the titular bears to the salmon they are migrating towards.

This is a real-life story of a mother taking care of her cubs that grows more relatable for any parent amid the current crisis. Sky does everything possible to provide for her kids in an increasingly difficult position.

This film is a wonderful celebration of the wildlife of America's 50th state and a great watch for Earth Day.

What is your favorite Disneynature film? Let us know in the comments below.