5 Hidden Extras on Disney Plus

5 Hidden Disney Plus Extras

Disney Plus has a lot of content from the Disney Vault, but not all of it is easily accessible. Many amazing things are hidden in the extras sections of movies and tv shows on the service if you know where to look for them.

Here are five of the best hidden extras you can watch right now on Disney Plus.

Mary Poppins On Broadway

Mary Poppins Step In Time Broadway Disney Plus

Mary Poppins is a classic Disney film, but it was also turned into an amazing Disney Broadway Musical. On Disney Plus, you can watch one of the best sequences from the stage production, Step In Time, performed by the original cast.

Lilo and Stitch Alternate Ending

Lilo and Stitch Alternate Ending Disney Plus

The entire ending of Lilo and Stitch had to be changed very late in production. Why? Well, the original ending featured a passenger airplane flying through a crowded city and crashing into a skyscraper. This scene was made pre-9/11, but after that event, Disney knew they had to change it, leading to the spaceship chase from the final film. It is interesting to see what could have been and how similar it is to the final film.

Pride of the Lion King

Pride of the Lion King Disney Plus

In one of the extras for the original The Lion King film, you can find a forty-minute documentary on the transformation of the film into the hit Broadway musical. It is a wonderful look at the creation of one masterpiece from another. Enjoy the behind the scenes look at the hit musical and its special interpretation of the classic movie.

Original Trilogy Deleted Scenes

Deleted Luke Leia Kiss Scene Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

We debated on which one to include, so we decided to include all of them. All three of the original Star Wars films have various deleted scenes featured on Disney Plus. Some highlights include a second Luke and Leia kiss scene, an additional Darth Vader scene, and several extended versions of classic moments.

Cut Zootopia Story Element

Zootopia Shock Collar Disney Plus

In the extras for Zootopia, you can find references to an entire cut storyline from Zootopia. It would have featured all predators above a certain age wearing a collar that controlled their emotions to prevent anger and even excitement. This would have added a whole new dynamic to the allegory of the film that is interesting to think about.