Disney Magic Kingdoms How to Get Free Gems Guide

Disney Magic Kingdoms Gems

One of the most important currencies in the Disney Magic Kingdoms mobile game is Gems. You use gems for exclusive characters, special attractions, limited-time content, and speeding jobs along. But they are difficult to get without spending money on them.

Let us help you learn how to get free Gems without spending any money on them.


You can get two free gems a day by watching ads that are on average only 30 seconds each. You must watch two ads, each worth one gem each.

Leveling Up Characters

You can get more gems by leveling up characters, earning more gems as characters get to higher levels. From one gem at the lowest level to three at higher levels and five when you max out the character. Also, Hamm gives you twenty gems when you max out as he is a piggy bank.

Parade Floats

Every time you send out a parade, each float has a chance of earning you a certain number of gems, 5 at maximum. The more floats you send out, the better chance at earning gems.

Leveling Up

This isn't really something you can control, but every time you level up you get gems!