Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue

When Disney California Adventure opened, it didn't have any dark rides based on Disney properties. That changed with the opening of Monsters Inc Mike and Sulley to the Rescue.

This ride replaced the almost universally loathed Superstar Limo but managed to reuse the animatronics and ride system from its predecessor.

This ride tells the story of the First Monsters Inc film in classic Fantasyland dark ride style, with slightly bigger ride vehicles. You get to see all the famous scenes from the movie with relatively simple animatronics and sets.

This added a much-needed ride based on a recognizable Pixar property to the park which was receiving complaints about not being Disney enough and gave people a reason, other than Muppet Vision, to venture back into Hollywoodland.

Nowadays, this ride seems out of place. Hollywoodland has become the center for seasonal events in the park, meaning it has been surrounded by Tron, Superheros, and other regional entertainment offerings. In fact, it is about to become the only attraction in its courtyard, as Mickey's Philharmagic moves to the center of the land.

This land is constantly discussed as the next to be replaced, especially if the eastern gateway ever pans out. Enjoy this ride while you can, as you never know how long it will be around. It is all too likely this won't last much longer after Avengers Campus opens up.