Life is a Highway Disneyland College Band 2018

The Disneyland College Band is always a treat every summer. They are a chance to see some of the best young musicians from across the country performing your favorite Disney music.

You can never tell what they are going to perform as they have one of the largest repertoires of any Disney musical groups, and one of the most current, as they are a new group every year. You get a chance to hear recent hits right in front of the classic Sleeping Beauty Castle.

This was part of one of their longest performances of the summer, and it included a performance of Life is a Highway from the first Cars film.

The band does a great job with this song and it was a great tribute to the film.

If you are in Disneyland in the summer, be sure to check out the Disneyland College Band, one of the most special parts of the summer season at the Disneyland Resort.