The Brazil Pavilion: Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 11

Brazil Proposed Location Google Earth View

Brazil is one of those projects which always seemed to be in development, but just never got off the ground. While this is still an active rumor, there are a lot of ideas for this pavilion that were discarded over the years, and that is what we are going to be discussing.

Welcome back to Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions. We are back from a short hiatus and will be returning to weekly features for the rest of the year.

Now the location for this country has been pretty consistent, the proposed location being between Germany and Italy in the current location of the Germany model trains.

The pavilion has always been Rio centric in design, often including a replica Christ the Redeemer, although more recent and fully developed plans have omitted this out of fear of bringing religion into the park, one of the reasons that led to the demise of the Israel Pavilion.

Other models also featured the Amazon Rainforest, having the pavilion feature a look more at the ecological side of the country.

Rides have also been a part of various proposals for this, with older designs featuring travelogue like rides, similar in design to the Malestrom or the canceled Rhine River Cruise. These were usually some type of dark ride, giving the World Showcase another desperately needed ride-through attraction.

More recent proposals did include a ride, but they have apparently been cut from whatever current plans are in development for budgetary reasons. Rumors indicate plans included some kind of IP based ride, although no reliable sources ever indicated what this was. Speculation was it would be based on the Three Caballeros, who might have been evicted from their current home in Mexico by Coco, but that is really just conjecture.

Currently, rumors show this as becoming a smaller scale pavilion, bringing a new restaurant, bar, and shops to the park, as well as possibly a small, sponsor tied experience. Not on the scale of previous plans, but still pleasant potential addition to Epcot.

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