A Last Goodbye To Innoventions at Epcot

Epcot is about to go through a massive amount of changes that will permanently change the park in a way it has never seen in its over 35-year history. It is about to close its exhibit based on future technology permanently, with nothing of the same theme coming to replace it.

Now, this is not the first time the future technology pavilion in Epcot has closed. Innoventions itself is a reimagining of the concept created by the opening day Communicore Pavilion. It attempted to keep the park more current and relevant, showcasing technologies that will exist in the near future. Unfortunately, this led to the "Tomorrowland problem" catching up with the pavilion even faster, and exhibits constantly had to be replaced.

Abandoned Sum of All Thrills Innoventions Epcot

These technologies, while often impressive and state of the art when they premiered, would quickly become outdated. Even one of the more popular exhibits, Sum of All Thrills, by the time it closed was of an out of date version of the ride system behind the popular Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction at the Universal Parks.

Colortopia Epcot Entrance Sign

Gradually, all the exhibits would close one by one and be left abandoned. When it closes September 7th, there will be only two exhibits left, Colortopia, a coloring based show, and the Take a Nanooze Break exhibit showcasing nanotechnology and featuring a few benches inside the airconditioned building.

The road that used to lead people around the pavilion now leads to a dead-end, beyond which you can see the remnants of exhibits that didn't make it to the end of Innoventions. A sad reminder of a large part of Epcot's history that is coming to an end.

I will always remember Innoventions at its height, I can remember spending hours here looking at all the different attractions, but the world has moved on and Disney is no longer willing to continue replacing the exhibits. What is left now is a sad reminder of what once was.

Let us know your favorite Innoventions memory in the comments to remember this Epcot attraction as it nears its final day of operation.