Updated Epcot Future World Map Now Missing Fountain of Nations and Club Cool

Updated Epcot Future World Map My Disney Experience Missing Fountain of Nations and Communicore West

Epcot's map on the My Disney Experience App was updated yesterday to incorporate several of the closures that happened over the past week. Above you can see the current map and below you can see what the map used to look like when it still included Fountain of Nations and the now missing half of the former Communicore West.

Epcot Future World Map August 2019 My Disney Experience

Here is the original map, featuring the original spine layout of Future World. More of this will eventually be replaced with a forest as the rest of the old Communicore West closes gradually over the next few months.

Fountain of Nations My Disney Experience Map Epcot

Here is a more zoomed-in look at the map of the area now missing from the park, saved for posterity.