Discoveryland: Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 10

Disney has wanted to do major changes to Future World in Epcot for decades, and finally, it seems they will be. As part of a large project known as Project Gemini, Future World would have been rebranded as Discoveryland and focused on technological discovery as opposed to future technology specifically.

Some of these projects will come to light later on, but a vast majority of them would never make it to the park. Lets start at the attraction formerly known as Spaceship Earth and head clockwise around the park to discuss each project.

We have already discussed Time Racers and please go here if you want to hear more about this roller coaster proposed to replace Spaceship Earth.

Let's talk about the buildings replacing the Comunicore.

We would see futuristic takes on shops and restaurants, but it would also feature the return of a classic Disneyland attraction, the Home of the Future. This would have been much the same as the short-lived Disneyland attraction, showcasing practical developments that will make their way into the American home in the near future. This idea eventually evolved into multiple displays in Innoventions.

Now let's move to the outer ring of attractions

Ellen's Energy Adventure actually ended up getting built as it did not require much investment to change the existing attraction. It was a moderate success and is currently being changed into a Guardians of the Galaxy coaster.

Moving on, Wonders of Life would have survived the first wave of this project, giving an easy area for expansion if needed, the same role the pavilion still fills until the Play Pavilion opens to the public.

Once again we move to an attraction that actually did get built, Mission Space. This was the only new build from this project to actually happen, and likely hints at the architecture style we could have expected from this development. The attraction was built to replace Horizons, which was, despite being a great ride, becoming outdated with its traveling back in time to the 21st-century future theme as the 21st century actually came.

Test Track would have been built just as it was, but also with a Jr. Autopia for children outside. This never happened as this project was canceled and Test Track ended up having major issues during construction.

No indication is given as to how the Imagination Pavilion would have been affected by this set of changes to the park.

We know there would have been a hedge maze between Imagination and The Land, although an exact theme is unknown.

Just outside of The Land would have been a rainforest coaster, which we will go more in-depth about at a future date.

Soarin would have been added to The Land as a part of this, but in a much different way. It would have been on the other side of the building, replacing the Harvest Theater instead of Food Rocks. Also, had these plans come about the attraction would have opened with a world travel themed version in Epcot as opposed to opening with the California film. Eventually Soaring would come to the park, but to the other side of the building and without its exclusive film.

Finally, we look at what would have replaced The Living Seas. The changes are somewhat similar to what actually happened, just with The Little Mermaid joining the pavilion instead of Finding Nemo. Apparently, this ride would have been more edutainment featuring characters from The Little Mermaid than being a traditional Little Mermaid ride. We will dig deeper into this project in a future article.

Thanks for coming back and if you missed any previous articles be sure to go here. Also make sure you come back for the next Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions, The Brazil Pavilion. Just to let you know, this series will be going on a few weeks hiatus so we can bring you guides for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We should be back up and running by the end of September.