Hadestown Standing Room

Hadestown Logo Stage Door Broadway Musical

Hadestown is the current Tony Award for Best Musical winner. It plays to sold-out houses almost every performance. But if it is sold out, you can get in line to buy a standing room only ticket for that day's performance.

Now, this has some of the strictest rules of any cheap ticket policy on Broadway and they will actually enforce the rules if you try to break them. There is no saving spots and if you leave the line for any reason you lose your spot. Each person may only buy one ticket.

But if you get one you get to see an award-winning show with little to no advanced planning.

Tickets are given out at noon for matinees and 5pm for an evening performance. People line up several hours beforehand so be prepared to wait if you want a ticket.

If you get one then tickets are $39. They are located at the back of the orchestra and (this should be self-explanatory) you will be standing through the entire performance.