New Twilight Zone Stories Announced For Tower of Terror

Disneyland Paris A New Dimension of Chills Tower of Terror Announcement

Disney just announced three new storylines coming to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror starting September 28th. These will be a permanent addition to the ride, replacing the current, original storyline.

These new storylines called A New Dimension of Chills will feature three entirely separate experiences, all featuring random drop sequences, a new addition to this version of the Tower of Terror attraction.

The first will be called The Malevolent Machine and will feature the little ghost girl currently found in the ride possessing your elevator and attempting to trap you in the hotel forever. This kind of sounds like the Tokyo version of the ride, just replacing the idol with a ghost girl.

Next will be The Shaft Creatures, which will feature evil spirits who feed off of your screams and will somehow involve you having to be silent and not scream in order to escape their wrath and get off the elevator alive.

Finally, will be The Fifth Dimension version of the ride, where you will be stuck as the Twilight Zone attempts to pull you in. Hopefully, this will feature some effects taken from the original Disney's Hollywood Studios version of the ride.

This is a permanent upgrade to the attraction, so be sure to get your last rides in on the current version of the ride, which will soon disappear into The Twilight Zone.

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