Pixar Pier Review One Year In

Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure

Its time for our (year too late) review of Pixar Pier!

General Land

I'm not going to complain about the general theme of a Pixar related pier as many have. Honestly, I just see it as a Pixar version of Fantasyland. A sort of everything fits type of land with a loose theme that ties it together. I don't think that is the issue with this land. The problem I have is with the execution. The Pixar Pal Around still has Mickey's face on it and the back still looks terrible. The flat rides are no better or worse (although I think we were all glad to see creepy King Triton leave) and the color scheme is all over the place. Some details, however, are great. The Luxo Jr. animatronic is amazing, especially the fact it watches World of Color each night, the La Luna lights are an amazing touch, and the Incredicookie is easily on par with other classic Disney snacks. The theme has potential but it comes off as half done.

Back of the Pixar Pal Around Pixar Pier


Incredicoaster Launch at Night

The flat rides are really unchanged in this refurb. Adding Pixar characters makes no real difference in them and in my experience it hasn't made them any more popular. They are still the same ride, reguardless of character theme or soundtrack.

Toy Story Mania is the same ride it was before, although the minor queue adjustments and new meet and greet spaces were definitely positive changes to the attraction.

Now let's talk about the headliner, Incredicoaster. To start, the preshow of this ride is gold, even making fun of itself for being a synergy choice of a massive company. That is unfortunately where the perfect parts of this attraction end. The station still has remnants on the ground from California Screamin.

California Screamin Row 7 Ground Marker Incredicoaster
This California Screamin' Groundmarker is STILL in the Station
 The soundtrack, while great, does not perfectly match with the ride track like the previous one did and the dialogue goes so fast I had to ride it multiple times to catch everything. The real problem is with the show scenes. At night they are fine, but with the light of day, it is incredibly obvious, especially in the Edna Mode scenes, that they chose to use static figures instead of animatronics. These budget cuts kept a concept, the first Incredibles themed ride from being what could have rivaled Radiator Springs Racers for the flagship attraction of the park.


If I have to describe Pixar Pier food in one word: Spotty

Incredicookie Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure

Look, some new options are amazing. You can order pretty much anything from Lamplight Lounge (especially the donuts) and it will be amoung the best food in the park. Angry Dogs provided an above average hot dog stand. The Incredicookie is now my personal favorite snack exclusive to Disney California Adventure. But there were also some real problems with food in this land, namely the Poultry Palace which I think has beaten Pizza Planet for the worst food at the Disneyland Resort. It certainly provided some great new options but there is still room for improvement.

So what do you think? What's your favorite part of Pixar Pier? Let us know in the comments.