Mickey's Toontown: Disneyland Guide

Take a journey into the world of Mickey Mouse, Roger Rabbit, and all of your favorite Disney toon characters.


Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

This ride is a great tribute to one of Disney's most underappreciated films, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? done in the style of the classic Fantasyland dark rides. It has one of the best queues in any Disney Park, and even beyond it, there are Tons of References to Roger Rabbit Throughout the Land.

Gadget's Go Coaster

This is an off the shelf kiddie roller coaster themed to Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. It's a nice diversion, but don't expect an E-Ticket experience.


Gag Factory/ Toontown Five and Dime

This is one store with two very different themes and entrances. One is the Gag Wharehouse based on the Acme Wharehouse from Roger Rabbit, and the other is the generic Five and Dime store. This store features an impressive hat display, as well as numerous plush displays and clothing options. But this store may not be around much longer, as it is rumored to close to make way for an entrance to the Disneyland version of Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway.


Toontown mainly features interactive features and walk through attractions.

Goofy's House

Goofy's House is a nice place to escape the crowds. There isn't much to do but it still looks nice.

This gives you the ability to visit Mickey Mouse in his own house. On the way, you pass through a well-themed queue based on the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Upcoming Changes

Runaway Railway will be added to Disneyland's Toontown as the first major addition after Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. No exact time frame has been announced, but it should be a welcome addition to the land.