Frozen II Second Trailer Summary and Analysis

Ok, the second Frozen II trailer has come out this morning. There is a lot of new footage, some of which appears to apply further clues to some of the fan theories from the first trailer as well as adding more context to what the story of the film will be. We will summarize the trailer and then analyze it below.


The trailer opens with the same footage the first trailer opened with of Elsa running on the ocean. But it continues past what the last trailer showed. Elsa is shown underwater where she is confronted (attacked?) by some kind of magical water horse.

The trailer then cuts to the trolls and the rest of the trailer is narrated from Grand Pabbie in a speech directed at Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff. As Pabbie says "The past is not what it seems" Elsa is shown playing with some kind of magic star based horse. That then turns into a giant monster which then turns to ice as Pabbie says "you must find the truth". This is likely some kind of vision shown to Elsa.

Pabbie then sends the group, now joined by Sven and Olaf, north through the enchanted lands, including the autumn forest prominently featured in the original trailer.

As Pabbie tells the group to be careful some kind of magic glowing orb sets the forest on fire around a group of people, similar but more violent than another scene from the first trailer.

Then we get what will almost definitely be the line most remembered from this trailer, "We have always feared Elsa's powers were too much for this world, now we must hope they are enough".

Elsa and Anna then enter a wall of fog that Elsa uncovers using her powers, revealing four monuments with the symbols seen in other promotional material for the film. They walk through with Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff as the fog closes in around them.

We then see Anna tell Grand Pappie that she will protect her (almost definitely meaning Elsa but trailers can be misleading) before immediately cutting to Elsa hiding from some kind of giant stone monster behind a tree.

End trailer.


So in this trailer, we learn a lot about the mysteries created by the first trailer. The basic reason the gang has entered this Enchanted Lands forest, to save the world from some kind of threat. We also learn the floating ice throughout Arendelle from the first trailer was created by Elsa.

We also apparently see the origin of the pink flames, from some kind of magical creature or force as opposed to from a new magical character.

Frozen II Snowflake Poster

The origin of the four symbols used in much of the Frozen II marketing was also likely revealed through the monuments prominently featured in the trailer.

But the major big reveal of the trailer was the new magic Elsa will have to face in this movie. We see new magical creatures in the form of a water spirit horse and a giant monster in both physical and what is almost definitely a dream forms. This is likely to be the main threat of the film, making it more action-packed than its predecessor.

There are, however, two notable omissions from this trailer. Unlike the first, there are no new characters featured in the trailer, except a few random people being attacked by the pink fire. There is also a shocking lack of songs. One of the trademarks of the first film was its music, namely, Let It Go. This likely just means they are saving it for people who actually see the film, but it is strange to see a sequel to a musical without any songs in the first two trailers.

Frozen II New Poster Enchanted Lands Anna Elsa

What did you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to Frozen II? Let us know in the comments below.