Meet Mickey Mouse in Toontown Disneyland

Mickey's House Toontown Disneyland Resort

Mickey has always been among the most popular characters to meet at any Disney park, and most parks have a specific place to meet him, and in my opinion, one of the best is at his house in Disneyland's Toontown.

Mickey's Movie Barn Backyard Disneyland

This meet and greet features a walkthrough of Mickey's House before you enter Mickey's Movie Barn in his backyard, a room filled with props from all the classic animated Mickey Mouse shorts. It provides a great air-conditioned place to wait to see the famous mouse, taking you out of the Southern California sun for a while.

Mickey's House Costume Rack Disneyland

You are surrounded while you wait by costumes and props from the Mickey and Friends characters that are waiting to be used by them in their next animated feature.

Chickens Mickey's House Disneyland

From chickens to giant toothpaste everything here would be right at home in a classic Mickey Mouse short.

Giant Toothpaste Mickey's House Disneyland

Then when you meet the Mouse himself you get to see him in one of two costumes he rarely meets in outside this location, his Band Concert Attire, or his Steamboat Willie attire. Or you may find him in his more traditional tuxedo.

Band Concert Mickey Mouse Disneyland

You never know which one you'll get but no matter what meeting Mickey is a must do for many guests and certainly something you should do at least once on a trip to Disneyland and this is a great place to see him.