Astro Orbiter Disneyland

Astro Orbiter Disneyland with Omnibus

Astro Orbitor is the first ride you see when entering Tomorrowland at Disneyland, and also the last remnant of the 1990s era Tomorrowland.

This ride at first glance appears to be your typical spaceship themed spinner that has long been a stapel of the Disney Parks experience. But it is so much worse than that.

Astro Orbiter Disneyland Wet Ground Reflection Empty

Its position prevents it from having the high views that typically are the best part of this ride. Also the vehicles are the most uncomfortable you will find at the park. If that weren't enough the ride also thematically clashes with everything else in the land that has been updated since the 90s, and it ruins the 1960 era entrance.

This is the only ride at Disneyland I would advocate skipping on your next visit. If you want a spinner head over to Dumbo, where you'll find more comfortable seats and a better view for the same wait time.