Tootsie The Musical Review

Tootsie Musical Marquis Theatre Broadway New York City

Tootsie is the all-new musical based on the classic film of the same name. But this is not the same story you remember. Not only has it been transplanted from a soap opera to a Broadway musical, but the story has also been given a facelift. This is now a story that fits in the post-MeToo era.

Now the base story is still the same, Michael Dorsey can't get a job as a man so chooses to pose as a woman for a role. But throughout the entire story, minor details are changed to reflect the more fluid sexuality and gender dynamics of today's society present throughout the story. Julie is less involved with the director. Dorothy's (Michael's female counterpart) speeches all have added weight to them in the wake of revelations of women's treatment in the acting business.

Now, the performance I saw, unfortunately, did not feature the Tony Award-winning performance of Santino Fontana. Instead, it featured the first ever performance of the standby for the role, who was outstanding in the role, and I never would have realized it was his first performance in the role if he hadn't mentioned it at the stage door.

The real standouts of this cast, however, are its women. Particularly Lilli Cooper and Sarah Stiles. Both shined throughout the show. Lilli Cooper, in particular, is given several anthems throughout the show which really showcase her vocal talent. Sarah Stiles on the other hand also shines through her songs, but more because of her comedic talents. All of the What's Gonna Happen musical numbers are a comedic highlight of an already hilarious show (which deservingly won best book at the Tonys).

This show took a classic film and updated it for 2019, with a stellar book and just as strong of a cast to support it.