Incredicoaster With California Screamin Music

Ok, to be completly honest I did this as a joke. I missed the California Screamin' music and I wanted to see how it lined up with the then new Incredicoaster and I always prefer the ride at night. It turned out well so I uploaded it. Then it became one of the top 10 most viewed TPE videos on Youtube and remains there to this day.

Even after the change to a new ride, this music still perfectly fits the coaster, lining up exactly with every drop, turn, and loop.

In fact with the updated lighting it really looks like a plussed California Screamin'. It would be nice if they gave us a special event to ride the coaster with the original audio, but at the very least this gives us an idea of what that would look like.

Do you miss California Screamin'? Would you like to ride the Incredicoaster with the old music one last time? Let us know in the comments below!