Disney Confirms the Country Bears Aren't Going Anywhere

Ok Disney Parks fans, we can breathe again.

This week Disney confirmed two rumors started by the same spotty source were not true. The first being the closure of the Enchanted Tiki Room, and the second about the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree.

Now, this rumor was more reliable than the Enchanted Tiki Room rumor, I reported on it just earlier today, but it appears they have decided to go another way. Disney leadership was in Disney World this week so the final decision could have been made in the Country Bears favor this week, or it could have been wrong from the start. However, this rumor did not only come from the source debunked yesterday so there likely was some element of truth to it, even if the details were wrong.

This rumor debunk is also a direct denial. It leaves no room for a possible overlay like the Enchanted Tiki Room article did with talks of "changes" over the years. These bears are here and here to stay.

Are you happy the Country Bear Jamboree won't be going anywhere? What would you like Disney to do to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this attraction? Let us know in the comments!