Main Street Electrical Parade Returning To Disneyland In An Effort to Increase Crowds

Main Street Electrical Parade Disneyland Train

UPDATE: It has been announced The Main Street Electrical Parade shall be returning to Disneyland Park from August 2nd to September 30th for a limited time engagement.

Is the Main Street Electrical Parade already returning to the Disneyland Resort? Despite having only supposedly left the resort in 2017, supposedly for a long term, possibly permanent closure, floats for the parade have been seen on roads near the resort.

No official announcement has been made, so there is no timeframe for this possible return, but parades that are not currently running are typically held a significant distance away from the Disneyland Resort. Seeing them near the resort signifies a return, even if it has not yet been announced.

This could possibly be used as an effort to bring crowds to the Disneyland Resort, which has seen remarkably low crowds since the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Previous attempts have been made in the past few weeks including lifting limitations on certain groups visiting the parks as well as adding dicount ticket deals to the park.

Pete's Dragon Main Street Electrical Parade Float

Be on the lookout for an official announcement or even testing of this classic parade to begin in the next few weeks.