Pixar Pier Guide

Pixar Pier Guide

This is the newest land in California Adventure. It uses the old Paradise Pier to tell Pixar stories.



This is the flagship ride and it deserves to be. The first Incredibles ride anywhere, it features Jack-Jack escaping from Edna Mode and causing chaos all around you. A fun reimagining of a classic coaster. To avoid the lines use Fastpass or single rider if you don’t care about riding alone.

Pixar Pal Around

This is a thrilling version of a ferris wheel. Go on swinging if you want thrills or non-swinging for views.

Midway Mania

This is a Toy Story themed shooting ride. It features all characters from Toy Stories 1-3 and can have very long waits, so be prepared.


Being honest there is only one worthwhile restaurant in this land.

Lamplight Lounge

This is a giant gastropub themed to all things Pixar. The setting is amazing and the food is some of the best in the park. Be sure to try the doughnuts and if you like Disney Instagram Walls be sure to try the quote wall here.