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Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most detailed and intricate rides in any Disney park. It was detailed enough to inspire a full film franchise.

The Disney World version, not so much. This is the shortest of any version of the ride. The reason for this is that it was an afterthought for the Magic Kingdom.

Pirates of the Caribbean was never meant to be built in Disney World. A western version of the ride was supposed to be made, but popular demand forced Disney to rush a version to their Floridian park.

It was tucked in a small corner, not allowing for many of the scenes from the original Disneyland version and even cutting out one of the drops.

While the town scenes are the same, the cave, transitions, and endings are much shorter in this version than any other.


Thrill Rating 4/10

This ride is mostly tame but it does involve a drop and you could get wet.


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Special Information

This ride has live actors during the Halloween party, so be sure to check that out.