Never Built Disney Attractions Database

Never Built Disney Ride Concept Art

Welcome to the Never Built Disney Attractions Database. Here you will find a list of never-built Disney Parks rides, shows, and more organized alphabetically by park.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Fire Mountain- An additional mountain themed roller coaster planned for Adventureland.

Western River Expedition- A western water ride in the style of Pirates of the Caribbean that would have been located where Big Thunder Mountain is now.


Alternate Late 2010s Future World Redesign- A alternate version of Future World that was developed before the 2019 D23 version was chosen. Concept art released later by MartinsVidsDotNet.

America Dark Ride- Originally the America Pavilion was going to have a ride not a show, planned for the version of the American Adventure intended for the entrance of the World Showcase

Bells of Change- A intricate theater show planned for the never-built Russia Pavilion for Epcot Center.

Blueprints of Nature- A ride planned for the Land pavilion that would eventually inspire Journey Into Imagination.

Brazil World Showcase Pavilion- Planned at multiple separate times but no version of this pavilion has ever been built.

Bullet Train- A ride based on the high-speed trains of Japan. Mainly a scenic ride.

Captain Cortex-Early version of Cranium Command.

Costa Rica World Showcase Pavilion- One of many World Showcase Pavilions to never make it to the park.

D23 2017 Future World Redesign- Alternate redesign of Epcot's Future World. Concept art for this version was never released publically.

Denmark World Showcase Pavilion- Pavilion likely to have been sponsored by LEGO.

Dreamfinder Short Film- A preview film for Magic Journeys created when that film faced delays. Never shown in the park, but did leak online.

Discoveryland- An abandoned full retheme of Future World. Some projects did get built from this, including Soarin and Test Track.

Equatorial Africa World Showcase Pavilion- Planned for a while, eventually abandoned altogether when Disney's Animal Kingdom reused many of the same ideas.

Flying Carpets- An attempt to give World Showcase an additional ride with this suspended dark ride.

Godzilla Attraction- A single piece of concept art exists for this. We don't know really anything about this.

Great Moments at the Movies- Entertainment themed pavilion planned for Future World between The Land and Journey Into Imagination. Eventually inspired The Great Movie Ride and Disney's MGM Studios.

Iran World Showcase Pavilion- Not much is known other than this would have included a dark ride.

Israel World Showcase Pavilion- Fully planned out World Showcase Pavilion. It was close to getting built but abandoned on fear of bringing religion into the park.

Ivan and the Magic Pike- A dark ride planned for Epcot Center's Russian Pavilion that was canceled along with the rest of the land.

Japan Omnimover- Part of an early proposal for the Japan Pavilion, which was abandonded when the pavilion shifted to be more historical as opposed to the modern country.

Jr. Autopia- A child-friendly ride to be added alongside Test Track as part of the abandoned Discoveryland plan.

Little Mermaid Pavilion- A Little Mermaid retheme of The Living Seas Pavilion.

Meet the World- Show about the history of Japan done in the style of Carousel of Progress. Eventually built in Tokyo Disneyland.

Mythical The Living Seas- Alternate plan for The Living Seas based around underwater mythical creatures and gods.

Netherlands World Showcase Pavilion- Planned early for Epcot but never built.

Peoplemover- This would have taken guests through Communicore on an elevated ride similar to the Magic Kingdom attraction of the same name.

Poland World Showcase Pavilion- Under active development at one point, never built.

Rhine River Cruise- A boat ride planned for Epcot's Germany Pavilion. The building for this ride was partially built and still stands today.

Roman Ruins Attraction- A proposed walkthrough attraction planned for Italy's phase two.

Scandanavia Pavilion- A proposal for a combined country of multiple Scandanavian nations. It was transformed into the Norway Pavilion when the one country found a sponsor.

Soviet Union World Showcase Pavilion- A large World Showcase Pavilion including multiple attractions. Canceled when the country it was planned around no longer existed.

Space Pavilion- A pavilion planned to have multiple attractions all around the idea of space travel that predates Mission Space.

Space Retheme of Horizons- A new pavilion reusing the infrastructure of Horizons but now based on space travel.

Spain Pavilion- A pavilion based on the European country explored multiple seprate times in Epcot history.

Switzerland World Showcase Pavilion- A World Showcase Pavilion planned to bring Matterhorn Bobsleds to Walt Disney World.

Thames River Cruise- A water-based dark ride to have been located in the UK Pavilion. 

The Incredible Journey Within- A dark ride through the human body proposed for Epcot's Wonders of Life Pavilion.

The Philippines World Showcase Pavilion- One of many countries to be considered for a World Showcase Pavilion at one point.

Time Racers- A roller coaster planned to replace Spaceship Earth as part of Discoveryland.

UAE World Showcase Pavilion- Not much is known other than this was under development at one point.

Venezuela World Showcase Pavilion- A World Showcase pavilion based on the country of Venezuela. It would have featured an elevated ride.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Alternate Entrance- A version of the entrance originally included a Mickey fountain and other icons before the Tree of Life.

Dragon Coaster- The main ride of Beastly Kingdom, would have been Disney's first inverted roller coaster.

Excavator- Planned to be Disney's first wooden roller coaster. It would have been located where Chester and Hester's Dinorama is now.

Fantasia Gardens- Fantasia themed boat ride to have been located in Beastly Kingdom.

Lion King Tree of Life Show- Alternate 3D show planned for inside the Tree of Life.

Longer Navi River Journey- The originally planned version of this ride was much longer and may have even included drops.

Mountain Rides- Early concept art showed multiple mountain themed rides, one similar to Fire Mountain and one similar to Expedition Everest.

Original Version of Countdown to Extinction- The originally planned dark ride for Dinoland was much more intense and featured different ride vehicles.

Tiger Rapids Run- An alternate version of Kali River Rapids. It would have featured live animals, serving as a water version of Kilimanjaro Safari.

Wonders of Nature- An original concept for a Tree of Life show featuring no Disney characters.

Disneyland Resort


Black Hole Attraction- A proposed shooting attraction based on the Disney film The Black Hole. Canceled after the film's financial failure.

Critter Country 500- A plan for reusing the Country Bear Jamboree animatronics in a dark ride.

Edison Square- A proposed offshoot of Main Street USA that included an early version of what would become Carousel of Progrss.

Placu's Galactic Revue- A musical science fiction animatronic show proposed to replace America Sings.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo DisneySea

Glacier Bay- Originally planned as an additional port on the land about to be used by Fantasy Springs. Also planned for Hong Kong Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris Resort

Disneyland Paris Park

Beauty and the Beast Show- A stage show featuring live characters and animatronics. Canceled after the resort's early financial failure.

Little Mermaid Attraction- A planned suspended dark ride featuring characters from The Little Mermaid. Later inspired Journey of the Little Mermaid after it was canceled due to Euro Disneyland's early failure.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Glacier Bay- Planned for the eventual location of Toy Story Land. A slightly altered version of the original Tokyo DisneySea land.

Never Built Parks

Disney's America- A planned Virginia Disney theme park based on the history of the United States. Canceled due to public backlash.

Disney Sea- Plan for a park along the California coast. Eventually developed into Tokyo DisneySea.

Westcot- A Disneyland version of Epcot Center, featuring an interior Future World and an altered version of World Showcase.

World Showcase- A full park sized version of what eventually became the Epcot land.