Denmark Pavillion: Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 3

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Today we are going to look at the proposed pavilion for Denmark in Epcot's World Showcase. Of all the projects I have looked into so far, this was the most difficult to find information about.

One thing that is known about the pavilion is it would have features some kind of miniature replication of the Tivoli Gardens. These had served as an inspiration for Disneyland itself and therefore hold a special place in Disney history.

Other plans included for the pavilion to hold a few flat rides, like carousels and ferris wheels. These would have been the only flat rides in the park giving the pavilion something exclusive in the park.

But these flat rides would not have been the only attractions in this addition to the park. The flagship attraction of Denmark would have featured the sponsor for this pavilion and one of the premier companies from Denmark, LEGO.

That's right, before LEGOLAND, LEGO could have had an attraction in Walt Disney World. It would have been a boat ride, but beyond that, it isn't really known what the story or theme would have been beyond LEGOs.

So where would this pavilion have been? At different points in design, it was in different locations, finally centering in on the present day location of Norway. In fact, bathrooms were even constructed and present on opening day for this pavilion, built before the Denmark Pavillion was ultimately canceled, confirming the final intended location for this project. As with many other planned phase two projects, these plans never came to be. The bathrooms were later taken over by the Norway Pavilion. Even after this, however, attempts were made for some form of Denmark Pavilion to be made until at least the late 1990s, although none went as far as the initial plans.

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